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 ESPTest is a serious parapsychological tool that is designed to be easy to use. It can be used by the student of parapsychology, or by anyone who wants to go on a journey of self discovery. ESPTest provides a solution for one of the major problems for those who wanted to use this traditional method of testing ESP. The computing of probability could be time consuming. With ESPTest you simply select the Analysis Screen and display the Probability of the current record file's results. It offers a wide variety of Features that allow you to select how you or your subjects can take the test 


ESPTest does require an IBM computer or compatible, and it must have a CGA graphics card.

You can gather a body of data that can be analyzed for research into correlation studies of personalities, environmental influences on results, the effects of reinforcements on the learing of Extra-Sensory Perception, etc. As a parapsychologist you can use this classic method just as Dr. J. B. Rhine did to study Extra Sensory Perception in the 1930's.


Have you ever wandered how you would do on a serious test of your ESP? ESPTest will help you discover that part of yourself. For the person who wants to know when the "Power" is with them ESPTest easily leads you on a self test of those abilities that the computer can measure. It is made to be easy for the beginning user of the computer. ESPTest shuffles "cards" and the "target cards" identifiers for each call an the bottom of the screen. It emulates an "endless deck of cards." 

ESPTest records your answers and then reads them back. When you want to know "What is the probability of my current results?"-- select ANALYSIS from the MAIN menu screen. The record of each trial is saved. It can also easily be read into many other programs --Excel, DBASE , or LOTUS 123 to name few.

This program not only saves the score and analyzes the results, but also saves a complete set of data about each trial call. This provides the subject with a full record of their Psychic experiences, and the serious parapsychologist with a set of data that could be used to answer a wide variety of questions about their subjects. Do some people score better with a test that show's a Blue screen or Red? Does sound reinforcement of a hit train people to do better at psychic sensing? Do some people do better if they take longer to make the call or would it be better to grab the first impression? Does it make any difference what day of the week when a test was done?

ESPTest allows you to select from a wide variety of options for yout test:

  •   What kind of sound reinforcement do you want ALL trials, only those trials that are right HIT, only those trials that are wrong MISS, no sound reinforcement NONE?
  •   ESPTest records your answers in a file and that file can be named what ever you like. Multiple files can be added to a general database. Because file's name is also recorded in each record the researcher will always know what file each record came from.
  •   What color do you want the screen to be RED, BLUE, BLACK?
  •   Do you want the target card to be selected before or after you make your choice : select CLAIRVOYANT or PRECOGNITION type test?
  •   What kind of screen image reinforcement do you want ALL trials, only those trials that are right HIT, only those trials that are wrong MISS, no visual reinforcement NONE?

Try testing you ESP this with this program and feel free to pass in on to other seekers.






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