KaPian Original Character Index




Not currently available



If you are adding to the character databases with the program HANZI these indexes will show you what characters are now available, and provide a model for future characters.

There are three indexes in The KAPIAN Original Character Index. Index "A" and "B" serve to document the two character databases that are used by the computer program KAPIAN. They are the result of computer programs that read in the databases directly and print the pages.

That is, these indexes represent exactly what the computer sees as it reads the data stored. They are not the result of any hand intervention or interpretation of the data.


This book is intended to be used by someone who is adding to the databases that came with KAPIAN. You could create new lesson files with the program GONGKE and use these indexes to find the characters that are available.


Next there is the index "C" which lists the characters alphabetically by Pinyin sound.


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